Programs and Activities

Programs and activities of Pakistan Education Foundation have been spread throughout the country. The management of PEF Punjab Chapter & various activity-fields of PEF under the banner of Provincial Advisory council Punjab along with their activities may be described as:

Increase in Membership

Attempts are made by the members of PEF to introduce PEF in various education areas and other fellow members of the society in such a way that its memberships may be increased with the passage of time.                    

Sale of ‘Taleemi Zaviaye’and Other Publications

PEF has achieved remarkable success in the field of publication by providing various books to improve the teaching learning environment. Moreover, its quarterly educational magazine ‘Taleemi Zaviaye’ is being published continuously for last 21 years to enhance the professional skills and qualification of teachers and educators. ‘Taleemi Zaviaye’ is published and well-managed by Prof. Dr. M. Ibrahim Khalid and his team under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Shaukat Ali Siddiqui Chairman of PEF Islamabad. Educational Review and PEF newsletter are also included in PEF publication. PEF members are given targets to increase the sale of ‘Taleemi Zaviaye’ and other PEF publications.

Monthly Meetings of Advisory Council and its Volunteers

Monthly meetings of Provincial Advisory Council are arranged to discuss the agenda of PEF activities and attempts are made individually as well as collectively for their improvement accordingly.

Summer/Inter Courses for Teachers

Summer/Inter Courses for teachers are well-arranged each year by PEF Islamabad to improve professional skills of teachers. Provincial Advisory Council for Punjab also try to follow the PEF Islamabad in this respect.

Educational Scientific Exhibition/Curriculum Quiz Progs/Medical Camp

Provincial Advisory Councils are given targets to arrange for Educational Scientific Exhibitions, Curriculum Quiz Programmes and Medical Camps in following with PEF Islamabad. PEF Punjab Chapter makes arrangements to celebrate each event in accordance with its importance.

Seminars, Workshops,Conferences/Iqbal Day,Quaid-e-Azam Day/ Independence Day etc.

Provincial Advisory Council for Punjab is also given targets to arrange for various seminars, workshops, conferences and to celebrate various days of national importance such as Iqbal Day, Quaid-e-Azam Day, Independence Day in following with PEF Islamabad. 

International Literacy Day/World Teachers’ Day/Aftar Party/Eid Milan Party/ National Songs etc.

International Literacy Day, World Teachers’ Day, Aftar Party, Eid Milan Party, National Songs etc. are commonly celebrated under the arrangements of Provincial Advisory Council for Punjab

Sports/Tournament/Field Trips

Sports, Tournaments and Field Trips have their own educational importance for the students. Therefore Punjab Advisory Council Provincial has also made an agenda to make its efforts in this regard as well.

Struggle for General Relations

Struggle to improve general relations among the educational institutions and their staff, some combined activities are arranged to achieve the goal in this respect.

Appointments and Guidance of District Coordinators

Punjab Advisory Council Provincial appoints various PEF members as District Coordinators to accelerate PEF activities in the respective districts accordingly.

Educational Assistance of Deserving Students through ‘Kiran Centres’

‘Kiran Centres’ are set up by the Provincial Advisory Council of Punjab Chapter to provide educational assistance to the deserving students as according to its resources and the source person available for the purpose.

Free Distribution of Textbooks and Uniforms for Students

Educational welfare of deserving students is also done by providing them free textbooks and uniforms from its various centres most of which are working in Lahore at a limited level.

Provision of Educational Scholarships for Deserving Students

Educational Scholarships for deserving students are also provided by the cooperation of PEF head office.

Activities of Social Relief in Floods/Earthquakes etc.  

Moreover, following the direction of PEF head office, some activities are arranged for the social relief of the students concerned in the affected areas in case of floods or earthquakes etc.  


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