Our Organization

Pakistan Education Foundation Punjab Chapter is run by the Provincial Advisory council Punjab which working under the rules and regulations of Pakistan Education Foundation Islamabad (Regd). Pakistan Education Foundation Islamabad is centrally managed by Management Committee (Intezaamia Committee) which is elected by Supreme Council (Majlis e Aala) for two years and works till the next one is elected for next two years accordingly. 

        Intezaamia Committee 2011-13

   Dr. Shaukat Ali Siddiqui       Chairman

   Abdul Lattif Qureshi             Vice Chairman

   Dr. M.Ibrahim Khalid            Vice chairman

   Prof. Asif Akhtar                 Vice Chairman

   Dr. Shafqat Ali Janjua         Secretary

   Nadeem Ahmad Ch            Joint Secretary

   Saeed Ahmad Ch               Treasurer

   Dr. M. Afzal Babar              Publicity Secretary 

 Majlis e Aala (Supreme Council)

The supreme authority institution of Pakistan Education Foundation, the Majlis e Aala  consists of 50 members of which 25 are founder/permanent members while other 25 are time limited members. Founder members are those who established the foundation in 1986 while the time limited members come from the fresh elections of provincial councils for two years. 

Aims and objectives

1. To work for the betterment of all individuals related to education, especially for students,  teachers and educational administrators.

2. To manage educational courses, seminars, conferences, workshops and educational exhibitions for enhancement of professional qualities of the concerned.

3. To arrange educational scholarships and establish Kiran Centres for the students' welfare.

4. To provide residential colonies, ideal institutions and other facilities for its members.

5. To participate in the research and welfare projects for educational development, and also to publish educational journals and professional books for development of education.

6. To make strong participation in all those development projects which are helpful in improvement of general education throughout the country.

Outcomes and Benefits

1. After getting the membership of PEF, you can enjoy various facilities in addition for being  helpful towards educational development throughout the country.

2. You may earn profit through the investment in PEF. The more shares you purchase, the more profit you will earn at the end of a financial year. The profit is announced in the month of July each year.

3. By joining PEF, you can share your educational ideas and experiences with a family of educationists of Pakistan.

4. By participating in educational courses and seminars of PEF, you may earn honorarium along with the enhancement of your educational qualification.

5. Retired teachers may get part time employment in various projects of PEF.