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PEF Punjab Elections 2011-2013 

The Fresh Elections of the Provincial Advisory Council Punjab were held as per schedule of Pakistan Education Islamabad on 29th of May 2011 at Government Pilot Secondary School for Boys Wahdat Road, Lahore.The Meeting was presided over by the Convener of Punjab, Dr. Talib Hussain, While Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Khalid was the Chief Guest and Dr. Mohammad Iqbal from the University of Education Lahore was the Guest of Honor at the occasion. Chief Election Commissioner Mr. Saeed Ahmad Chaudhary came from Islamabad to conduct the elections. The proceedings started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Then various speeches were delivered about the activities of PEF including a question-answer session by the Panel of PEF to answer the queries of the audience. At last the elections were conducted by the Election Commission of PEF and following persons were elected as a result of these elections.

1.     Mr. Charagh Din Arif                             Co-Convener

2.     Shafqat Naeem Akhtar                          Secretary

3.     Prof. Ghulam Sabir                               Treasurer

4.     Mohammad Shahzad Malik                   Publicity Secretary

Some other nominations were approved unanimously by the house which were as;

·         Mohammad Arshad Malik           Coordinator for Memberships

·         Saghir Iqbal & Karam Hussain    Coordinator for Taleemi Zaviye/Books

·         Hamayoon Shahid Rashid          Coordinator for Monthly Meetings

·         Dr. Mohammad Iqbal                 Coordinator for Teacher Training Courses

·         Abdul Majeed Chatha                Coordinator for Educational Exhibitions

·         Dr. Zahida Habib                       Coordinator for Celebrations & Workshops

·         M Naimat Ali Kaukab                 Coordinator for Literacy Day, Teachers’ Day, etc.

·         Rana M. Alyas                           Coordinator for Sports & Tournaments, Field Trips

·         M. Naeem Hijazi                        Coordinator for General Relations

·         Sy. Imtiaz H. Naqvi                    District Coordinator for Lahore

·         Hamayoon Shahid                     District Coordinator for Sheikhupura

·         Ejaz Ahmad Goraya                   District Coordinator for Gujranwala

·         Mohammad Sarfraz Ghuman      District Coordinator for Sialkot

·         Shabir Khalid, Faisal Ghaffari     District Coordinator for Faisalabad

·         Fiaz Ahmad Ranjha                    District Coordinator for Sargodha

At the end an oath taking ceremony was held for the new office bearers and hence the session ended with good wishes and bright hopes for the future.



Participants of PEF Meetings in Punjab

1.     Syed Imtiaz Hussain Naqvi         0321-4172293

293 J-Block Jauhar Town, Lahore


2.     Shafqat Naeem Akhtar               0300-4361175

FB-51 Wahdat Colony, Lahore                           


3.     Amjad Mehmood Baloch           0300-9421866

House 2 Shahab Street 49 Rajgarh Lahore


4.     M Naimat Ali Kaukab                 0300-4130399

House 18 Pak Town Bagarian Road Green Town, Lahore


5.     Dr. Mohammad Iqbal                 0333-4458038

88 Q Sabzazar Scheme Multan Road, Lahore


6.     Dr. M Ibrahim Khalid                  0300-4154346

12/8 Asif Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore


7.     Mohammad Sarfraz Ghuman      0334-9861189

Majra Khurd P/O Majra Kalan Tehsil Sambharial Distt. Sialkot


8.     Mohammad Shabir Khalid          0321-7802369

P- 955 Street 5 Islamia Park, Faisalabad


9.     Faisal Hussain Ghaffari              0333-6682774

House 96 Street 4 Chamrha Mandi, Jarhanwala, Faisalabad


10.  Mohammad Shahzeb                 0345-7728833

Street 4 Karmanwala Park Jarhanwala Faisalabad


11.  Irfan Hussain Khokhar                0345-4009414

House 12 Street 21 Shah Ghohar Abad, Shalimar Town, Lahore


12.  Mohammad Aslam                    0333-4060445

House E- 94 Amar Sadhu Road, Lahore


13.  Rana Mohamad Alyas                0300-4436434

27- B Al-hajveri Housing Society Harbans Pura, Lahore


14.  Mohmmad Iqbal Khan                0333-4275722

House 4 Amir Street Zaildar Park, Ichhra, Lahore


15.  Fiaz Ahmad Ranjha                    0333-8967566

Chak No 1 Shamali Ghakra Phularwan Tehsil Bhalwal, Distt. Sargodha


16.  Dr. Zahida Habib                       0300-4801369

158/6-A Pak Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore


17.  Mohammad Akbar Ghuman        0343-4336577

Majra Khurd P/O Majra Kalan Tehsil Sambharial Distt. Sialkot


18.  Zulfiqar Ali                                0333-4298366

House 3 Street 12 Tezab Ahata Road, Lahore


19.  Saeed Ahmad Chaudhary          051-2255063

Green Plaza Flat No 2 Islamabad


20.  Charagh Din Arif                        0300-4524742

107 / F Marghzar Officers Colony, Multan Road, Lahore


21.  Karam Hussain                          0333-4030346

Deputy Director Curriculum Department, Punjab Text Book Board,

 Wahdat Colony, Lahore


22.  Hamayun Shahid Rashid            0321-4241989

Ghang Road, Street 1, House 3, Sheikhupura


23.  Ejaz Ahmad Goraya                   0300-6477505

Bohra Kalan Tehsil Noshehra Wirkaan, Gujranwala


24.  Mohammad Naeem Hijazi           0333-4002622

Street 5, Jamil Town, Sheikhupura


25.  Saghir Iqbal Khokhar                 0300-7144742

Main Road Qila Kalar Wala Tehsil Pasroor, Distt. Sialkot


26.  Abdul Rashid Shah                    0321-4500927

House 22 Abdul Ahad Street, Mohni Road, Lahore


27.  Mohammad Akram                    0300-4977615

House E- 94 Amar Sadhu Road, Lahore


28.  Qari Mohammad Zulqurnain       0300-4533609

House E- 68/1 Main Bazar 2, Chunghi Amar Sadhu, Lahore


29.  Dr. Talib Hussain                       042-37812910

188- Asif Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore


30.  Prof. Ghulam Sabir                    0302-4868635

36/B Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore


31.  Ahmad Raza                             0333-4254378

A-7 Old Officers Colony Sadar, Lahore Cantt.


32.  Mohammad Arshad Malik           0321-4568468

604 M Block, Sabzazar Scheme, Multan Road, Lahore


33.  Abdul Majeed Chatha                0301-4377372

86- B- III Street 5 China Scheme, Lahore


34.  Mohammad Shahzad Malik        0300-4237472

604 M Block, Sabzazar Scheme, Multan Road, Lahore


35.  Mohammad Arif                                    0333-4347355

17- Nishtar Colony, Data Nagar, Badami Bagh, Lahore


36.  Javed Ali Chaudhary                  0333-4711889

Naseem Clinic, 68 Rizwan Block, Awan Town, Multan Road, Lahore


37.  Mohammad Saeed Akhtar          0300-4452054, 0315-4474040

Govt. E/S Theh Panju, Distt. Lahore City


38.  Shahadat Ali                             0346-4014746

Govt. E/S Theh Panju, Distt. Lahore City




New Memberships of PEF

Let us say welcome to the new members into our PEF forum.

1.     Mohammad Saeed Akhtar / Allah Bakhash                                  4059    

Govt. E/S Theh Panju, Distt. Lahore City


2.     Shahadat Ali / Mohammad Sharif                                               4060

Govt. E/S Theh Panju, Distt. Lahore City


3.     Shafqat Naeem Akhtar / Mohammad Idrees                                4058

Govt. Pilot Secondary School (Boys) Wahdat Road, Lahore


4.     Syed Imtiaz Hussain Naqvi / Syed Nazar Hussain Naqvi              4057

Govt. Pilot Secondary School (Boys) Wahdat Road, Lahore



5.     Amjad Mehmood / Mohammad Afzal Khan                                 4063

Govt. Electrical Training Institute Mughalpura, Lahore


6.     Mohammad Arif / Mohammad Ramzan                                       4056

17- Nishtar Colony, Data Naghar, Badami Bagh, Lahore


7.     Mohammad Naeem Hijazi / Noor Mohammad                              4066

Govt. Tariq High School  Sheikhupura


8.     Hamayun Shahid Rashid / Abdul Rashid                                     4067

Govt. Higher Secondary School Muridke, Distt. Sheikhupura


9.     Fiaz Ahmad Ranjha / Khan Mohammad                                       4062

Govt. Primary School Phularwan Kuhna Tehsil Bhalwal, Distt. Sargodha


10.  Ejaz Ahmad Goraya / Abdul Hameed                                          4061

Govt. Elementary School Bohra Kalan Tehsil Noshehra Wirkaan, Gujranwala


11.  Tahir Nadeem Chaudhary / Shabbir Ahmad                                 4065

Govt. Islamia High School Jaranwala, Faisalabad


12.  Abdul Rashid Shah / Abdul Ahad                                               4064

Giovt. High School Sheesh Mahal, Bilal Ganj, Lahore